Guide to Understanding the Business Benefits of Microsoft Azure

This Guide Helps You...

Understand Azure’s
IaaS, PaaS and SaaS offerings.

Assess Azure’s cyber security and privacy measures.

Review how Azure is compliant with key US, EU, and Canadian regulations (including the GDPR)

Examine how Azure’s hybrid cloud is ideal for large businesses & enterprises with extensive on-premises IT systems.

From hosting client information to driving applications, the cloud is essential to today’s business operations. But as our reliance on the cloud grows, so do questions about compliance, cyber security, performance and interoperability.

In fact, that latter point -- interoperability -- is key for large businesses and enterprises which have a mature IT infrastructure on industry proven tools, such as SQL Server and others.

How do we get those tools to work while leveraging the power of the cloud?

We’ve made this guide to help you understand how Azure answers that question, especially through hybrid cloud solutions which are interoperable with your existing systems and expertise.

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